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[Acf] Simplifying with std_header.view and std_footer.view

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 17:46:27 +0200


I have splittet the generic.view into pieces and collected them again in
2 bigger includes: std_header.view and std_footer.view.

Those view includes html header, mainmenu, submenu and footer. This to
simplify the custom views. You will nomally don't do any changes into
the header or menus, but you would like to change the <div
id="content">. So to simplify that and make maintanance easier i have
made thos includes. They can be used as:

<? title="ACF - Demo of std_header.view and std_footer.view"
<?include ../../app/acf_core/std_header.view ?>

<div id="content">
<p> Enter your text here. </p>

<?include ../../app/acf_core/std_footer.view ?>

They are demonstrated in the acf-test in subversion.

This will hopefully help us to let the controller do what it is supposed
to do and let the view do visible stuff.

Natanael Copa
Received on Mon Oct 16 2006 - 17:46:27 UTC