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Re: [Acf] acf for alpine 1.5.8

From: Nathan Angelacos <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 13:07:11 -0500

Hi Michael,
> Nathan, I have the latest alpine 1.5.8, and I cannot get the acf package
> to work.

Yes, everything is broken right now. The .apks are the old stuff, so
they won't work at all.

The current acf is in svn only, and Natanael forgot to delete the old .apks.

> I have installed all the acf packages, and am using mini_httpd web server.
> Everything is in a default state. I can bring up the sample.html, but cannot
> navigate to any of the lua applications.
> I have used this in earlier releases with no problem.
> I have tried with and without an /etc/acf.conf:
> libdir=/var/lib/acf/lib/
> appdir=/var/lib/acf/app/

That should be fine (although I use /etc/acf/acf.conf)
> /etc/conf.d/mini_httpd:
> MINI_HTTPD_DOCROOT="/var/lib/acf/www
> MINI_HTTPD_OPTIONS=" -C /etc/mini_httpd.conf"
> mini_httpd.conf:
> nochroot
> dir=/var/lib/acf/www
> user=nobody
> logfile=/var/log/mini_httpd.log
> cgipat=cgi-bin**

that should be fine.
> packages:
> acf-alpine-baselayout-0.1.0_alpha
> acf-asterisk-0.1.0_alpha
> acf-core-0.1.3_alpha
> acf-lighttpd-0.1.0_alpha
> acf-mini_httpd-0.1.0_alpha
> acf-openssh-0.1.0_alpha
> acf-shorewall-0.1.0_alpha
> haserl-0.9.15
> lua-5.1.1
> mini_httpd-1.19

To get the acf from svn, delete the acf packages, install subversion,
and then do something like:

svn co svn:// /var/lib/acf

A word of warning: This is basically a ground-up reworking of the
framework (After months of multiple people having multiple conflicting
ideas - I just finally punted the whole existing thing and started
over.) The menubuilder and css parts are not there. What does work is
the interfaces file editor. (I'm continuing to clean it up, and expand
from there.)

To test what's there, you'll need to go to the controller/action directly:
  - or - (and it will redirect)

> Appreciate any help. Using both an Opera 8.54 browser and IE6.0. See 404 error
> messages in the mini_httpd.log whenever try a lua application.

yeah, its been renamed acf, and acf-core/homepage doesn't exist (yet)

Thanks for still being interested.

Its been a long dry spell spinning our wheels on this - hopefully we can
make some more forward progress.
Received on Tue Feb 13 2007 - 13:07:11 UTC