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Re: [acf] Preparing new release on ACF's

From: Ted Trask <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 11:07:41 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for looking at ACF.  I took a look at the problems you reported: > acf-chrony has been changed to "use new libraries and standard lsp files." > Seems it does no longer have start|stop|restart capabilities. The start/stop/restart buttons are at the bottom of the expert page and work fine as far as I can tell > acf-dansguardian (Advanced tab) breaks when dansguardian is not installed (but I guess this is not prio > because if you have acf-dansguardian, you should also have dansguardian itself). Turned out to be a problem in the posix library if the directory doesn't exist.  I put a workaround in fs.lua (rev 1491) > acf-snort is changed (have not checked how). Just want to know if you have tested so that the test-results > still show? Yes, I've tested and it works > I noticed that start|stop|restart has disappeared from acf-snort. Could you please restore that so we can > start/stop the process. The start/stop/restart buttons are at the bottom of the expert page and work fine as far as I can tell > acf-ipsec-tools lost all status information during last update. > Are you planning to reinsert that? The status is there and working > acf-shorewall: Seems to be broken in various ways. Could you please check it up. (I see that your still > working on it so I guess it's too early to make a release of it) It seems to be working fine.  There is no config support, just status, startstop, expert. > I would suggest that we wait with shipping new release of acf's until we have all acf's working again. > What do you think? I'm looking at the problems you reported above and wondering why I don't see them.  I came up with one possibility.  Did you log out of ACF and log back in after updating the packages?  If you don't do that, the menu and permissions in the session data don't update.  Since I changed some action names and added several actions, you wouldn't be able to see them.  That might be causing the problems.  Please try testing again and let me know if the problems are still there. Assuming everything is working on your machine as it is on mine, I see no reason not to include the latest ACFs in the 23 release.  This includes the updates to openssh that I made today. Ted

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