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Re: [acf] Preparing new release on ACF's

From: Mika Havela <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 20:24:10 +0200

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 8:07 PM, Ted Trask <> wrote:

> Thanks for looking at ACF. I took a look at the problems you reported:
> > acf-chrony has been changed to "use new libraries and standard lsp
> files."
> > Seems it does no longer have start|stop|restart capabilities.
> The start/stop/restart buttons are at the bottom of the expert page and
> work fine as far as I can tell
> > acf-dansguardian (Advanced tab) breaks when dansguardian is not installed
> (but I guess this is not prio
> > because if you have acf-dansguardian, you should also have dansguardian
> itself).
> Turned out to be a problem in the posix library if the directory doesn't
> exist. I put a workaround in fs.lua (rev 1491)
> > acf-snort is changed (have not checked how). Just want to know if you
> have tested so that the test-results
> > still show?
> Yes, I've tested and it works
> > I noticed that start|stop|restart has disappeared from acf-snort. Could
> you please restore that so we can
> > start/stop the process.
> The start/stop/restart buttons are at the bottom of the expert page and
> work fine as far as I can tell
> > acf-ipsec-tools lost all status information during last update.
> > Are you planning to reinsert that?
> The status is there and working
> > acf-shorewall: Seems to be broken in various ways. Could you please check
> it up. (I see that your still
> > working on it so I guess it's too early to make a release of it)
> It seems to be working fine. There is no config support, just status,
> startstop, expert.
> > I would suggest that we wait with shipping new release of acf's until we
> have all acf's working again.
> > What do you think?
> I'm looking at the problems you reported above and wondering why I don't
> see them. I came up with one possibility. Did you log out of ACF and log
> back in after updating the packages? If you don't do that, the menu and
> permissions in the session data don't update. Since I changed some action
> names and added several actions, you wouldn't be able to see them. That
> might be causing the problems. Please try testing again and let me know if
> the problems are still there.
> Assuming everything is working on your machine as it is on mine, I see no
> reason not to include the latest ACFs in the 23 release. This includes the
> updates to openssh that I made today.
> Ted
Hi Ted.
Heh.... You'r probably right about the logon/logoff thing (probably the
reason to why some features was missing on my acf).
Tomorrow morning (Central European Time) I'm planning to make new releases
of the existing acf's. I assume that everything is ok tomorrow (it probably
is already) so I just tag/release it and ship it to ncopa so he could add it
to next Alpine release (or release candidate). In case you see some reason
why I should not make new release of some acf (if you find something broken
that you don't have time to fix before going home for the day), please send
me a email so I have it tomorrow morning (CET).

Thanks for checking things up (and sorry if I cause you extra trouble).

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