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Re: [acf] Preparing new release on ACF's

From: Ted Trask <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 07:20:58 -0700 (PDT)

> We are making to get your stuff in this time though. Mika, Natanael, Thanks for getting those changes in.  I'll try to stabilize the ACF archive every other Tuesday, now that I know the release cycle. My last posting seemed to cause some confusion.  Just to clarify:  Mika tagged the latest ACFs for release 23 in SVN revisions ending with 1513.  SVN revisions 1514 - 1519 are new code I'm working on that I did not intend to be in release 23.  However, I then found some problems in the ACFs in the beta.  I fixed these in SVN revisions 1520 - 1522.  So, my intent was for Mika to tag only those three revisions for quick bug fixes in release 23 (squid, interfaces, and dnscache only).  Hopefully that clears up the confusion. I don't think it's a problem that Mika also tagged the changes in SVN revisions 1514 - 1519.  I'm not aware of any problems in that code.  It's just that I haven't really tested it well.  So, sorry for the confusion and causing you extra work. In the future, if I do find a problem in a Beta release that I missed on Tuesday, what would you like me to do?  I can check in the bug fix and notify you via this list, just like I did this time.  I'll try to be more careful about specifying which revisions to tag.  Any other suggestions? Ted

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