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[acf] Recent updates

From: Ted Trask <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 10:21:05 -0700 (PDT)

Since there's been talk about a 1.8.2 release, I figured I'd let you know about the changes to ACF since 1.8.1.  I think we should include all of them with the possible exception of postgresql (it's new), but it's up to you, Natanael. alpine-baselayout 0.4.11 - fixed bug in interfaces expert page asterisk 0.1.1 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 chrony 0.1.12 - allowed an empty command key, and modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 clamav 0.1.1 - added ability to edit freshclam.conf core 0.4.22 - changed the way startstop works to make extension easier, bumped the max upload size from 32k to 256k, and set permissions on passwd and roles files. fetch-crl 0.1.2 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 fetchmail 0.2.6 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22, fixed bug where 'is' was before 'username', and modified parsing to distinguish better between keywords and parameters iptables 0.1.0 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 postfix 0.1.2 - added reload to startstop (works with core 0.4.22), added ability to edit/add/delete files in /etc/postfix, edit /etc/mail/aliases, and rebuild databases postgresql 0.1.1 - new package for postgresql I've also completed a modification to core that will remove the 'alpine' and 'foo' default users and, instead, allow creation of a new user if none are defined. I have not yet checked it in.  My feeling is that this change should wait for 1.9.0, since it's a significant difference to the user.  This is a step towards creating a headless box.  If you want it in, let me know. Thanks, Ted

Received on Thu Mar 19 2009 - 10:21:05 UTC