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[acf] Re: Recent updates

From: Ted Trask <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 13:02:39 -0700 (PDT)

Now that it looks like we're doing a release, I've attached the previous list of ACF changes.  Here are some newer ones that should be included as well: alpine-baselayout 0.4.12 - Fixed bug in marking logfiles as in use. openssh 0.1.4 - Fixed openssh authorized keys parsing to allow for access phrase and arbitrary characters. Error check for empty input. So, overall, that's 10 ACFs to update (don't bother to add postgresql, since it's new).  They're all tagged in git.  Thanks. Ted ----- Original Message ---- From: Ted Trask <> To: Alpine ACF <> Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 1:21:05 PM Subject: Recent updates Since there's been talk about a 1.8.2 release, I figured I'd let you know about the changes to ACF since 1.8.1.  I think we should include all of them with the possible exception of postgresql (it's new), but it's up to you, Natanael. alpine-baselayout 0.4.11 - fixed bug in interfaces expert page asterisk 0.1.1 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 chrony 0.1.12 - allowed an empty command key, and modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 clamav 0.1.1 - added ability to edit freshclam.conf core 0.4.22 - changed the way startstop works to make extension easier, bumped the max upload size from 32k to 256k, and set permissions on passwd and roles files. fetch-crl 0.1.2 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 fetchmail 0.2.6 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22, fixed bug where 'is' was before 'username', and modified parsing to distinguish better between keywords and parameters iptables 0.1.0 - modified startstop to work with core 0.4.22 postfix 0.1.2 - added reload to startstop (works with core 0.4.22), added ability to edit/add/delete files in /etc/postfix, edit /etc/mail/aliases, and rebuild databases postgresql 0.1.1 - new package for postgresql I've also completed a modification to core that will remove the 'alpine' and 'foo' default users and, instead, allow creation of a new user if none are defined. I have not yet checked it in.  My feeling is that this change should wait for 1.9.0, since it's a significant difference to the user.  This is a step towards creating a headless box.  If you want it in, let me know. Thanks, Ted

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