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[acf] Ideas for a new config framework, ACF2

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 15:23:17 +0100


Me and Kaarle have been playing with the idea "what if we started with
ACF from scratch today, how would it be?".

We collected some ideas and have now come up with a fairly detailed
plan for an ACF2.

Some of the goals:
* better security design
* remove unnecessary complexity from modules
* organize the libs better
* fix concurrency - no race conditions
* improve CLI interface
* modernize web GUI (write the gui in javascript)

For web frontend we have been talking of using existing frameworks like
Backbone.js and RequireJS. For backend we have been talking about using
things like augeas and using Lua tables to create data models.

Kaarle has written are more detailed plan:

This will require some massive work but I think we can do it. Hopefully
it will be simpler to write models once the basic framework is in place.

What do you think?


Received on Thu Nov 29 2012 - 15:23:17 UTC