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Re: [acf] Re: [alpine-devel] Ideas for a new config framework, ACF2

From: Jeremy Thomerson <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 11:06:28 -0600

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Der Tiger <>wrote:

> Hi Kaarle,
> > As much as I dislike JavaScript as a programming language, I still
> > think it is the best choice for client implementation. Virtually all
> > devices support JavaScript nowadays, and there are lots of tools which
> > we can leverage in our implementation.
> The problem with a client implementation and mobile devices won't be so
> much compatibility, but performance. PDAs and Tablets still don't offer
> a lot of cpu power, while the OS and the browser software itself often
> use up most of the available resources. Soon, the JavaScript client
> software is likely to hit a performance wall on those devices, when the
> complexity of the client software increases with functionality.

Not true with most modern smart phones. If you're still using a
Blackberry, then yes - perhaps. But most smart phones now are better than
the best laptops three years ago.

> I can't help myself, but with all that has been written, I still don't
> see the benefit of a strict client implementation over a JavaScript-free
> host implementation. You and Nathanael, on the other hand, seem to be
> quite set on advocating your proposal. Well, I suppose you've thought it
> through.

For many years I have been an advocate of making sites that work with or
without JS (incremental improvements). However, nowadays this is not
strictly necessary, and for a niche market like server admins using Alpine
/ ACF you can set your own browser requirements without many ramifications.


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