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Re: [alpine-aports] Broken packages

From: IT Developer <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 00:44:14 +0000

In the tinyssh "README.alpine" there are also instructions for running
tinyssh via inetd.

apk search does not show 'ucspi-tcp' but it is still installable:
musl64 [~/aports/testing/tinyssh]$ sudo apk del ucspi-tcp
(1/1) Purging ucspi-tcp (0.88-r1)
Executing busybox-1.24.1-r4.trigger
OK: 275 MiB in 100 packages
musl64 [~/aports/testing/tinyssh]$ sudo apk add ucspi-tcp
(1/1) Installing ucspi-tcp (0.88-r1)
Executing busybox-1.24.1-r4.trigger
OK: 275 MiB in 101 packages
musl64 [~/aports/testing/tinyssh]$ which tcpserver



On 08/11/15 22:53, Isaac Dunham wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 08, 2015 at 06:03:34PM +0000, IT Developer wrote:
>> On 08/11/15 17:27, Valery Kartel wrote:
>>> Current version libsodium library is so.17
>>> There is a list of broken packages, that linked against old version of
>>> testing/dnscrypt-prosy
>>> testing/fastd
>>> testing/quicktun
>>> testing/tinyssh
>> I use tinyssh / dnscrypt-proxy - they still work for me but will be
>> broken for new installs.
>>> As I see, tinyssh needs 'tcpserver' from testing/ucspi-tcp to start
>>> service. But the package testing/ucspi-tcp is not compiled and exists
>>> only in git. And tinnyssh's APKBUILD have no ucspi-tcp in depends.
>> ucspi-tcp (for tinyssh) is still installable.
> apk search only shows ucspi-tcp6.
> However, I'd like to comment that anything that can be run via ucspi-tcp
> *can* be run via inetd (or with the correct invocation of a suitable
> 'netcat' version).
>> Do I need to manually request rebuilds of dependent packages when I
>> update libsodium or should rebuilds occur automatically ?
> Rebuilds are not automatic; a library that changes ABI should be
> followed by a patch series to rebuild each dependency.
> HTH,
> Isaac Dunham

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