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[alpine-aports] phantonjs question

From: Nathan Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2016 21:50:43 -0500

I’m playing with a phantomjs port, and it looks like Natanael Copa
already made two PRs to some deps to make it compile (Thanks Natanael!).

 I can’t help but think he’s already started down this path.

The bad news is, the test harness seems to bomb. If I run this under
the grsec kernel, it signal 11’s all over the place. If I run under
vanilla, no segfaults, but it does time out when phantomjs tries to
connect to the python httpd process. For what it’s worth, I also get
similar timeouts when doing a wget to localhost on the same port, so
I am inclined to believe it might be an issue with the python script.

If I don’t hear anything back, I’ll continue into the rabbit hole.
Just wanted to make sure I wasn't duplicating effort.

Thanks in advance.


Received on Thu Apr 07 2016 - 21:50:43 UTC