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Re: [alpine-aports] I will be temporarily unable to maintain packages this summer

From: Isaac Dunham <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 23:17:40 -0700

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 08:26:29PM +0200, Jiri Horner wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 07:45:58PM +0200, Natanael Copa wrote:
> >
> > Thank you for letting us know. We will try look after them meanwhile.
> >
> > While at it, xiphos has a build time dependency of webkitgtk-dev. Could
> > you check if there are some way to replace that with webkit2gtk?
> > (webkit2, api 4.0). If not possible, is upstream working on it?
> >
> > I'd like to get rid of webkitgtk, but evolution, geary, handbreak and
> > xiphos still needs it.
> >
> Arch have some builds with webkit2gtk [0]. Problem is that then you also
> need a gtkhtml4 for editing or something, which by itself is maybe even more
> obsolete than webkit. But it is arguably more lightweight. It would be the
> best, if it could work without gtkhtml.

> [0]

A feature of Xiphos is the ability to write comments, and there's an editor
to do that in. Webkit 1 and gtkhtml are the only options (an HTML engine
is needed.)

Apparently one of the upstream developers looked at porting that from old
webkit to new webkit2, and gave up when he saw how much had changed in the

On gtkhtml vs old webkit: I *think* the attack surface is a lot larger
with old webkit.


PS: Somehow, I'm reminded that the new home of xiphos is
and I haven't updated the APKBUILD.

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