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[alpine-aports] So long, and thanks for the fish!

From: Isaac Dunham <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 20:06:15 -0700

I previously mentioned that I'd leave for the summer soon, and will
likely be incommunicado until late October at the soonest.

That starts tomorrow, so...farewell for now.

I realize that OpenBLAS and Python packages are on a rather fast cycle,
so they may be troublesome.
If anyone is ready to maintain the math and Python packages I've
maintained, they are welcome to make themselves maintainer/comaintainer.

Since I've been running Edge (now /etc/apk/repositories points at 3.4,
which is currently synonymous) and the 3.4-stable release is supposed
to be coming soon, I thought it would be appropriate to give a brief
'status report' summing up what I've noticed:

+ the recent change in hostapd enabling ACS_SURVEY seems to work nicely.
- as previously mentioned, ltrace is not working. Currently, I'm stumped
as to the reason.
- busybox needs some tweaks for a clean upgrade since non-root ping was
added; I sent a patch that addresses some of these, but a sysctl setting
needs to change for non-root ping to work right.

Other than those, I've not noticed any prominent issues, whether in
development packages or networking tools.

This is all with Alpine Linux Edge/i386, using linux-vanilla 4.4.8, on an
Atom N270-based netbook.

Isaac Dunham

Received on Mon May 09 2016 - 20:06:15 UTC