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[alpine-aports] [PATCH 0/5] Forgotten pre-install addgroup/adduser fixes and fixes.

From: Przemyslaw Pawelczyk <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 03:47:28 +0200

This is a follow-up patch set to previous patch set called:

    Pre-upgrade/pre-install addgroup/adduser fixes.

This time some additional checks has been performed leading to further
improvements of the packages.

This again took longer than expected, sorry for that, but I am getting
more and more familiar with AL-related stuff.

Next step is going through all packages available in 3.4.1, that were
touched by commit ccc056dbf9d3, and checking whether they seem to work,
and if not, then preparing patches dedicated for 3.4 that should be
applied on top of:
* 1de4b02204f7 main/lighttpd: Fix lighttpd user's primary group.
* f27dface22b3 testing/at: Properly set primary group in .pre-install.
* 40521bdafd3c main/dovecot: Properly set primary group in .pre-install.
* 3c1fa46624bd main/{npre, postgrey}: Properly set primary group in .pre-install.
* a7d67c695ca2 main/[various]: Add group and use it as primary in .pre-* scripts.
* 5708404c50a7 community/[various]: Add group and use it as primary in .pre-* scripts.
* a835b6916533 testing/[various]: Add group and use it as primary in .pre-* scripts.
and non-bump patches from this patch set, as bumping will be done at the
very end, after additional fixing patches (if they will be needed).
I'll try to do it on Friday, but I unfortunately cannot guarantee
finishing by the end of the day.  Hopefully it should be mostly ready
after Sunday.
Przemyslaw Pawelczyk (5):
  testing/[various]: Add group and use it as primary in .pre-* scripts.
  testing/clapf: Fix a lot of problems.
  testing/buildbot: Fix some stuff.
  testing/buildbot-slave: Fix some stuff.
  testing/[various]: Bump pkgrel for fixes.
 testing/buildbot-slave/APKBUILD                   | 45 +++++++-----
 testing/buildbot-slave/buildbot-slave.pre-install |  3 +-
 testing/buildbot-slave/buildslave.initd           |  2 +-
 testing/buildbot/APKBUILD                         | 45 +++++++-----
 testing/buildbot/buildbot.pre-install             |  3 +-
 testing/buildbot/buildmaster.initd                | 17 ++++-
 testing/clapf/APKBUILD                            | 84 +++++++++++++----------
 testing/clapf/clapf.confd                         | 10 +--
 testing/clapf/clapf.initd                         | 34 +++++----
 testing/clapf/clapf.pre-install                   |  3 +-
 testing/clapf/ldflags.patch                       |  2 +-
 11 files changed, 149 insertions(+), 99 deletions(-)
Received on Fri Jun 17 2016 - 03:47:28 UTC