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[alpine-devel] upcomming alpine-

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 07:58:56 +0100


I am working on an bugfix release.

A list of fixes:

- if you had ipsec-tools-cvs and upgrade, you would lose packages after
reboot. This is fixed by not bail out if packages are missing during
boot and by adding an empty meta pacakge ipsec-tools-cvs with
ipsec-tools as only dependency.

- apk_glob faied if the apk db is uncompressed. This is fixed.

- if you hadd foo-1.0 installed and did 'apk_add foo-1.1.apk' (without
the -u option), apk_add wrongly try to install it in parallell with the
1.0 version, causing bad things to happen. This is fixed.

- ipp2p in xtables-addons was broken and did not work at all. I reverted
to old ipp2p and iptables for now. We tested that the newly released 1.7
version too but it was also broken.

- acf (web interface): new version of plot. the realtime network graph
should work better on firefox. log tail should work better in firefox.

- quagga 0.99.11 is broken. Someone reported checksum algorithm was
broken. I had some bgp routes that got mysteriously lost. I applied a
patch from quagga git that reverted the checksum algorithm and hope for
the best.

The release will be out the nearest days.


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