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Re: [alpine-devel] added m4 as dep in flex

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 11:20:48 +0100

On Sat, 2009-01-24 at 12:11 +0000, Carlo Landmeter wrote:
> Flex did not work for me and trew me this error: flex: fatal internal error, exec failed
> I installed m4 and flex was working correctly.
> See attached git patch.
> Carlo

Yes looks correct. Thanks!

btw. since the resulting binary change (new dependency) we should
increase the pkgrel. If a user forexample got hit by this "bug", and we
fix it, then he will not get the fix via 'apk add -u' til we have
changend the pkgrel.

So ingeneral, if the binary package change in any way (new configure
options, dependencies etc) then we should increase the pkgrel. If the
change only affects the buildtime (e.g adding a missing makedepends)
then we dont need to change it.



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