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Re: [alpine-devel] Re: [PATCH] extra/nmap: new aport

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 11:36:04 +0100

On Fri, 2009-02-20 at 10:35 +0100, Leonardo Arena wrote:
> ouch!
> I think i forgot uclibc as depends..
> pls discard previous patch
> leo
> On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Leonardo Arena <>
> wrote:
> i've enabled lua because even --without-liblua insisted to
> compile NMap Scripting Engine (NSE).
> I've put NSE under a subpackage.
> leo

nclab01:~/aports/extra/nmap$ scanelf -Rn pkg
ET_DYN,,,,,,, pkg/usr/bin/nmap

note the libstdc++. It meas it needs g++ as a runtime dependency.

I think what we really want is use uclibc++ for this.

Do do that, add uclibc++-dev to makedepends and:

export CXX=g++-uc

that works normally without any more modification, but I think that nmap
needs one or 2 patches (unless those are committed to upstream nowdays)

I can take a look at it.


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