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[alpine-devel] Alpine Linux infrastructure: bugtracker

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 12:01:31 +0100

So, we come to bugtracking.

Timo and Nathan and me wants to try mantis. Carlo wants redmine and have
already started set up one.

Things I fear/dont like with redmine:

* It does it all. I want use cgit for the git repositories. probalby we
want mediawiki (or docuwiki) for documentation.

* Its ruby on rails. A language I'm not familiar with. I fear its slow
and heavy.

Things that I think might be possitive:
* once its set up we dont need to look for a wiki for official site. so
it seems to do the job for us.

* active development

* Carlo have already a demo running. noone have managed to set up mantis

* good email integration? havent looked to close to it though.

Maybe we can turn off things like timekeeping etc to make it simpler?

I suggest we turn off all features and enable things when we need/want
them. Better to have few used features than tons of unused ones.

Carlo, would you like to take the lead for bugtracker? You are already
doing a very good job.


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