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[alpine-devel] Merge core and extra to a single repository: main

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 20:11:16 +0200


We are merging core and extra into a new repository: main.

At the same time we will switch to a new format for the repository index
that is not compatible with apk-tools prior to 2.0_pre14.

We are also starting to sign the repositories so you will need some
public keys installed in your /etc/apk/keys with the keys of the
developers you trust. I think we will have the official keys distributed
in a package that gets automatically pulled in so you should not need to
do anything manually.

This will also require some changes for developers who build their own
packages. You will need to create a pair of keys. If your user account
have sudo permissions (needed for 'abuild -r' anyway) it is just a
question of 'abuild-keygen -i -a' and you're done.

I will try test upgrading to new repository, but generally, I believe it
will be a question of replacing 'core' and 'extra' with 'main'
in /etc/apk/repositories.

This new 'main' repository and package signing features in
abuild/apk-tools should be the last stoppers for making a beta release.



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