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[alpine-devel] Multi architecture support

From: Mark Constable <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 16:17:42 +1000

I see the default /etc/abuild.conf has CHOST=i486-alpine-linux-uclibc
and there is no sign of a PKGBUILD arch=(i686 x86_64) equivalent so
is there a recommended way to provide multiple archs from a single

I guess using a different /etc/abuild.conf in each build environment
would suffice but I thought I should check if there is some inbuilt
method that is not documented yet.

I intend to build a subset of packages for i686, x86_64, arm8 and
possibly ppc (ps3) eventually. I'd use separate chroots for i686
and x86_64 and possibly use the ArchMobile qemu examle for arm8 as
I have a Beagelboard begging for some TLC.

Sorry about the rush of newbie questions and many thanks for the


Received on Thu Jul 30 2009 - 16:17:42 UTC