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Re: [alpine-devel] Where would x11/APKINDEX.tar.gz go?

From: Mark Constable <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 20:31:34 +1000

Timo Teräs wrote:
> Just dump the URL directly to /etc/apk/repositories and apk will
> take care of downloading everything.

I didn't explain that I am getting this error...

# apk -v --allow-untrusted update
wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

From both dl-3 and dl-4.

> Alternatively you need to mirror the whole repository with all
> packages in it on your local dir.

Is rsync available? I'd be happy to do that.

> Or if you are just curious where apk keeps the downloaded copies,
> they go to /var/lib/apk or /etc/apk/cache depending on the configuration.

Great, thanks, obvious places but it saves me hunting around.


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