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Re: [alpine-devel] how do I get axfrdns (djbdns) going in Alpine?

From: Nathan Angelacos <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 21:51:08 -0800


Thanks for your kind words and interest in AlpineLinux. wrote:
> On Saturday, November 14, 2009 "Timo Teräs" wrote:
>> I have axfrdns running on an Alpine 1.8 based box. It uses tcpserver from
>> ucspi-tcp package. I attached the init.d script I'm using. Something like
>> this should be added to djbdns package.
> Thanks to Timo for the reply and for the init.d script. I guess I will
> grab the
> 1.8.3 iso, and use it for now as 1.9.1 iso does not have ucspi-tcp.

Yeah. ucspi-tcp was in 1.8.3 I've gone ahead and made a feature
request in your behalf:

Generally these things take a few days to happen, so if you can wait a
few days, I'd recommend waiting. 1.9.x is /much/ better than 1.8.x, in
a number of ways.

Going back is kinda like driving a BMW M3 and then moving to a Toyota
corolla. It will work... but...

FWIW, 1.9 packages have been more along the lines of "who actually asks
for XXX than 'hey ... XXX is cool, let's add it" Since you have asked
for it, that tells us there's a need.

> In order to control which slaves are allowed, where do you put your
> '<slaveIP>:allow,AXFR="<allowedAXFRDomain>"'
> entries which, under Bernstein's regime, go in a file that normally lives
> at /etc/axfrdns/tcp ?
> Although I see that the axfrdns-conf program exists in the djbdns apk,
> I assume that I should not use it to set up axfrdns, as multilog is not
> available
> since there is no daemontools package.

Daemontools is a good idea, especially for multilog; here's that
feature request:

I run tinydns / dnscache on multiple production domains, having logging
*would* be handy :-)

> Seems 'lbu ci usb' does not retain changes made in /etc/init.d, so I
> should add
> a reference to the axfr start script in /etc/lbu/include , correct?

Try, and let us know if it works.

I believe you stumbled into a "feature" of the 1.9 lbu. its about 100x
faster than 1.8, but currently doesn't back up certain files under
special circumstances. This might be one of them.

If so, it needs to be fixed.

> Any chance someone would package up daemontools for Alpine and just
> allow this to be set up the way that DJB intends, including svc, svscan,
> multilog, etc? (Is there a strong reason not to do this?)

Yeah, we'll try to get daemontools packaged. That way you can use it
the way DJB intends.

As far as reasons not to... I'm sure you've run into it before...
everything is /etc/init.d/[service] start|stop *except* djb stuff. I've
never gotten used to that.

Alpine 1.8 uses scripts in /etc/rc.d; 1.9 uses open-rc [rc-service
dnscache start]. Just to keep my sanity, I'd rather spend the time to
write a service script for you (and the distro) than remember "djb stuff
is different"


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