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Re: [alpine-devel] how do I get axfrdns (djbdns) going in Alpine?

From: <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 16:04:10 -0500

Quoting Nathan Angelacos <>:

> Yeah. ucspi-tcp was in 1.8.3 I've gone ahead and made a feature
> request in your behalf....

Thanks for entering the feature requests for ucspi-tcp and daemontools.

> ...if you can wait a few days, I'd recommend waiting. 1.9.x is
> /much/ better than 1.8.x, in a number of ways.
> Going back is kinda like driving a BMW M3 and then moving to a
> Toyota corolla.

Ok, I'll wait a bit for 1.9.x packages.
>> In order to control which slaves are allowed, where do you put your
>> '<slaveIP>:allow,AXFR="<allowedAXFRDomain>"'
>> entries which, under Bernstein's regime, go in a file that normally lives
>> at /etc/axfrdns/tcp ?

Perhaps Timo will answer this for me.

> Yeah, we'll try to get daemontools packaged. That way you can use
> it the way DJB intends.
> ...1.9 uses open-rc [rc-service dnscache start]. Just to keep my
> sanity, I'd rather spend the time to write a service script for you
> (and the distro) than remember "djb stuff is different"

I'm not married to the idea of doing this the DJB way (although I love
his simple, straightforward documentation). Open-rc sounds perfectly
fine to me, as long as there are good instructions that allow a novice
user to just follow and make it happen. The helpful FAQ's/Howto's are
what has allowed me to run a fairly sophisticated network with
LRP/LEAF for over a decade, while having a fairly limited knowledge of
Linux. I'm really excited about Alpine now, as a modern replacement!
I am willing to learn, and perhaps there will be a way for me to
contribute to the process in the future.


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