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[alpine-devel] Re: help: freepbx install on alpine linux

From: Kenny Aral <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 04:01:06 -0400 (EDT)

Michael, thank you for your quick response. I've made a good
amount of progress since my last email. I was able to successfully
install the Apache webserver on Alpine. The problem was because I
was not running Alpine from the hard drive of the Guest OS inside

Currently, I am adapting this install procedure for Alpine:
which is for CentOS Linux. As far as I can tell, these are all of
the dependencies needed for the install (I put x's next to the
ones that I was able to add with apk):

make x
gcc x
uclibc-dev x
glib-dev x
g++ x
libxml2-dev x
tiff-dev x
php-gd x
php-mysql x
installkernel x
bison x
ncurses-dev x
subversion x
libogg-dev x
openssl-dev x
mysql-dev x
lame x
asterisk x
asterisk-dev x

The only two dependencies I couldn't find were mysql-server and
audiofile-dev. The installation has gone smoothly up until trying
to setup the MySQL database. I'm getting the following error even
though the mysql process is running:

# mysqladmin create asterisk
mysqladmin: could not connect to server at 'localhost' failed
error: 'Access denied for user 'root'_at_'localhost' (using password:

On Fri Apr 09 13:04:10 EDT 2010, Michael Mason <>

> Message below
> On Apr 9, 2010, at 4:11 AM, Kenny Aral wrote:
>> Hi, my name is Kenny Aral and I'm a graduate student at the
>> University of Florida. I'm working on a project for a class and
>> I'm attempting to install FreePBX on Alpine Linux,
> Thanks for the interest in the project.
>> but I'm having problems and there is not much documentation to
>> help me with this.
> Sorry you are having problems.
> The best approach to this might be to have the list of programs
> needed. Have you gone through and tried to build apks for the
> program and its dependencies?
>> I know you are all probably very busy, but my professor
>> suggested emailing the Alpine developers to see if you have any
>> suggestions. As of now I can not seem to get the Apache web
>> server up and running.
>> I've been running Alpine Linux inside VirtualBox, and when I try
>> to install Apache the process just crashes.
> Do you have some errors of what you are getting? Package and
> release versions? Version of alpine you are using? Bugs can be
> reported here:
>> Aside from this, FreePBX has a lot of dependencies so it seems
>> like a challenging task to get this thing installed correctly.
>> Do any of you have any experience installing FreePBX on Alpine?
> I don't. If we had a list of programs and their dependencies that
> would help get things started.
>> Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
> Copying the Alpine Dev ML.
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