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[alpine-devel] nptl status report

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 18:27:43 +0200


So, Timo and I have been working on uclibc with nptl. things that have happened:

* We have fixed all major issues so compiling things with nptl should work.
* Lots of patches have been sent to uclibc developers and have been applied.
* Upstream uclibc have finally merged the nptl branch to master
* We have started look info how to perform an upgrade of nptl - we
figured that we need change the abi version number to be able to clean
* Changing ABI version requires a bootstrap of toolchain (gcc/uclibc/binutils).
* Bootstrapping uclibc-nptl development environment requires cross
compilation to work.

So basicly, last week was getting uclibc-nptl work at all, this week
have been work on crosscompilation. The nice thing with making
crosscompile work is that it brings us half way to x86_64, arm, mips.

We have been able to build a cross compiler using crosstools-ng, make
minor fixes so we can use the apkbuilds for crosscompile and at
writing moment it looks like we have a working sysroot with working
native toolchain. So next week we will try bootstrap new abuild and
have a new fresh nptl powered build environment.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Natanael Copa
Received on Fri Apr 30 2010 - 18:27:43 UTC