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[alpine-devel] JFS Utils APKBUILD

From: Teran McKinney <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 23:20:39 +0000

Hey everyone,

I've been giving Alpine a try and have been really impressed so far.
However, I was disappointed by the lack of a jfsutils package. Because
of that, built it and have a build script attached.

It's my first time building for Alpine, so there are probably a few
problems with it. You may also want to change the maintainer field to
one of you guys, as I'm not positive if I want to commit to being a
packager just yet. I'm also aware that the patch gives root_at_silentgnu
rather than my email. If this is important to change, let me know and
I'll fix it.

Also, what is depends_dev for? How does it compare to makedepends?
abuild -r wouldn't pull it in automatically.


PS: Please CC me on replies as I'm not yet on this list.

--Teran McKinney (sega01)
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