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[alpine-devel] Upcoming feature freeze (testing packages to be removed)

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 21:18:33 +0100


We are planning a feature freeze for alpine-2.2 in the beginning of
april. This means that if there is something that you think should go
into the stable 2.2 release, we need to hear it *now*.

If you want make sure that your feature will not be forgotten, then the
best way is to create a ticket on and set
the target to version 2.2.

There are also a growing number of testing packages. AS usual,
we don't ship stable releases with testing stuff so the packages below
will not be included in 2.2 unless someone test them and tell the
developers that they are production ready.

acf-fetch-crl makekit
ack mdocml
agg mediaproxy
alpine-mirrors memtest86+
altermime mesa-demos
apache-mod-auth-kerb moinmoin
apache-mod-backtrace moodbar
apache-mod-fcgid mp3info
apts msmtp
augeas multitail
autoconf2.13 mutagen
avahi mutter
awesome ncmpcpp
bcfg2 nginx
bluez ngrep
bluez-firmware nload
bluez-hcidump nodejs
btrfs-progs nsd
cacti obex-data-server
cdparanoia obexd
cherokee obexftp
clutter openal-soft
csync2 openlldp
daemontools openobex
dconf opensips
deadbeef opensips-cp
dspam openvcp
duplicity openvpn-auth-ldap
ecasound openxcap
elementary-gtk-theme par2cmdline
elementary-icon-theme partimage
elinks perl-astro-suntime
empty perl-control-x10
etracer perl-device-serialport
evilwm perl-extutils-cchecker
evolution perl-file-next
evolution-data-server perl-image-exiftool
exiv2 perl-json
expect perl-lwp-useragent-determined
faenza-icon-theme perl-mime-lite
fail2ban perl-php-serialization
fetch-crl perl-socket-getaddrinfo
fotoxx perl-sys-mmap
freeciv perl-test-exception
freeradius-client perl-time-parsedate
freeswitch-sounds-es-mx-maria perl-x10
freeswitch-sounds-fr-fr-sibylle-8000 polkit-gnome
freeswitch-sounds-music-8000 postler
ftgl pptpclient
giggle printproto
gigolo proftpd
gjs prosody
gmime psmisc
gnokii putty
gnome-bluetooth py-application
gnome-disk-utility py-boto
gnump3d py-buildutils
gparted py-cjson
gross-svn py-crypto
gtk-equinox-engine py-dbus
gtk-murrine-engine py-django
gtkhtml py-docutils
gtkimageview py-eventlet
gvfs py-gnutls
hardinfo py-greenlet
hdparm py-imaging
hping3 py-jabberbot
html2ps py-jinja2
icecast py-lxml
ices2 py-mysqldb
ifupdown py-pygments
imake py-roman
inotify-tools py-sphinx
iproute2 py-templayer
irrlicht py-twisted
iscsi-scst py-twisted-web2
ivtv-utils py-xmpppy
json-glib py-zope-interface
keepalived python3
knock qpage
libamz qt
libarchive quvi
libburn rdiff-backup
libdaemon re2c
libev rp-pppoe
libexecinfo rrdbot
libfetch rrdcollect
libgdata rsyslog
libgee rtapd
libgexiv2 rtnppd
libgphoto2 scons
libisofs scstadmin
liblockfile sems
libmng setserial
libnetcf shotwell
libnetfilter_log sipsak
libplist sisctrl
libprojectm smartmontools
libraw spandsp
librsync sqstat
libshout squark
libsyncml squidguard
liburiparser supertuxkart
libvirt tbl
libwbxml thunar-volman
libwmf totem
libxdg-basedir totem-pl-parser
libxp tumbler
linux-scst txt2man
llvm ucspi-tcp
lockfile-progs upstart
logcheck usb-modeswitch
lua-augeas virtinst
lua-crypto vpnc
lua-curl xdg-utils
lua-posixtz xfburn
lxc xmlrpc-c
lynx xscreensaver
madwimax xz
maildrop zeromq
mailx zsh


Received on Mon Mar 21 2011 - 21:18:33 UTC