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[alpine-devel] apk-tools-2.1 and abuild-2.9 in edge

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 15:36:19 +0200


We have upgraded apk-tools-2.1 and abuild-2.9 in edge. In addidtion
so some exciting new features (as install_if and a nicer
progrerssbar) there are some changes that you should be aware of.

1) Pure multiarch support. If you previously had arch as last element
for your repo in /etc/apk/repositories, then you need to remove it.

2) The $HOME/.cache/apks temporary abuild repo (for its own built
dependencies) has moved to $HOME/.cache/abuild/$repo, where repo is
either 'main' or 'testing'. This means that if you dont have 'testing'
in your repositories, you will not be able to build packages in 'main'
which has dependencies in 'testing'. This is a feature. This also means
that in order to build things in 'testing' (or other repo) you need
have 'main' in you system apk repos.

3) you can no longer upgrade directly from alpine v1.x or v2.0 to edge.
You will need a newer apk-tools. Either upgrade to alpine v2.1 first and
from there to edge, or download apk-tools-static manually. This also
affect upgrading to the upcoming v2.2. I am thinking of making an
upgrade script that can be downloaded to perform the upgrade.

In short:
* remove x86 or x86_64 as last element from url
  in /etc/apk/repositories if its there.

* replace $HOME/.cache/apks with $HOME/.cache/abuild/main if you have
  it in your /etc/apk/repositories.

* watch out if you upgrade from earlier than v2.1


Received on Wed Apr 06 2011 - 15:36:19 UTC