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[alpine-devel] new edge snapshot and upcoming feature freeze

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 21:39:38 +0200


I have tagged a new edge snapshot, 110407. This includes apk-tools-2.1
so things should works as normal when setting up new boxes, without any
apk-tools upgrade adventures.

This snapshot also has a new version of setup-disk with support for
data-only disk setups. You first get asked if you want use disk at all,
and if so, which disk. Then you get asked how you would like to use it
and you basically have 2 options:
 * data-only (hybrid) install
 * traditional native disk install

data-only disk will set up the disk with swap and one big /var using
LVM. You can manually set swap size with -s option or disable it swap by
setting the size to 0. If you run setup-disk with -r option, it will
create a raid1 device under LVM with a single disk so you later can
append a disk for redundancy.

Native disk install might have some issues at the moment and I intend
to rewrite it to also use LVM.

setup-disk now uses ext4 by default.

Please test it and give feedback.

I think we will enter feature freeze mode tomorrow. From next week we
will focus on bug fixing and setting up a 2.2-stable build box. If
there still are any packages in testing that you need for 2.2 stable,
well, too bad...


Received on Thu Apr 07 2011 - 21:39:38 UTC