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Re: [alpine-devel] Knock Missing ??

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 20:35:25 +0200

On Sat, 01 Oct 2011 19:45:27 +0300
Harry Lachanas <> wrote:

> Greet's
> Is knock simply missing or just being replaced by xyz package ???

Seems like knock was added to testing in 2009 but nobody provided any
feedback on it so it was never moved to main. Also it seems like it is
Mike Mason that has claimed the maintainership but I haven't heard from
him for a long time. Last commit by mmason appears to be May 2010...
> If replaced could someone mention the new package ??
> NCopa: If missing will you be kind enough to provide it ???

Do you think you could test it from edge/testing and confirm that it
works? Then I'll move it to main.

> NCopa: I am building another FW box with 2-3 ISP providers ..
> So I am about to test and stress your pingu code
> what is the status of pingu ??

I have new pingu working. It does dynamic policy routing, can ping
hosts and enable/disable gateways based on number of ping responses
(failover) and execute custom actions too when a host goes up/down. It
can also do simple "load-balancing"

I also have a very simple pinguctl that can display the status of the
ping hosts and a lua module for the pingu client.

I still need to make it possible to make the ISP up/down decision based
on multiple ping hosts and I still havent figured out how to make
shorewall DNAT play nice with pingu. I think it needs to do connmark or
something to mark connections so the DNATed connection goes out same
interface it came from (the NAT happens post-route)

I think I'll do a 1.0-rc1 release or something in the nearest days. I'm
not sure if should try squeeze in the multi ping host feature before
the 1.0 release or not.

I can build a static binary for you that you can test with if you want.

> Thank's in advance
> Harry
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Received on Mon Oct 03 2011 - 20:35:25 UTC