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Re: [alpine-devel] Knock Missing ??

From: Harry Lachanas ( via Freemail ) <"Harry>
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 09:52:30 +0300

> Do you think you could test it from edge/testing and confirm that it
> works? Then I'll move it to main.
I've been using it for quite a while ( 2-3 years ) with no probs in
previous versions of alpine
Also I did a test compile for alp 2.2.3 and it seems to work ok.

> I have new pingu working. It does dynamic policy routing, can ping
> hosts and enable/disable gateways based on number of ping responses
> (failover) and execute custom actions too when a host goes up/down. It
> can also do simple "load-balancing"
> I also have a very simple pinguctl that can display the status of the
> ping hosts and a lua module for the pingu client.
> I still need to make it possible to make the ISP up/down decision based
> on multiple ping hosts and I still havent figured out how to make
> shorewall DNAT play nice with pingu. I think it needs to do connmark or
What exactly do you mean "play with DNAT ... " I might be able to help u
with that.
> something to mark connections so the DNATed connection goes out same
> interface it came from (the NAT happens post-route)
> I think I'll do a 1.0-rc1 release or something in the nearest days. I'm
> not sure if should try squeeze in the multi ping host feature before
> the 1.0 release or not.
> I can build a static binary for you that you can test with if you want.
Please do ...
I will also have a good look at the source ..


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