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Re: [alpine-devel] sarg

From: Peter de Zoeten <>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 14:55:11 +0100

Hi Carlo,

> We prefer using alpine-sdk and provide git patches to our aports tree
> (please check our wiki).
I'll try to get my git working.....

> When using alpine-sdk you can use newapkbuild which will make a
> apkbuild template for you (check newapkbuild -h)
I might have forgot that this time.....

> Some notes:
> Not sure why you added libintl, so i removed it.
It has to be in, otherwise it will not compile (at least in my
development environment; setup from wiki)
So i had to put these 2 lines back in:

- export LIBS="-lintl"

> I moved sarg-php to webapps dir like we do with more php apps.
> I think it needs more deps to run. Please verify and add them.
I think they work, it's probably a rights question, todo with the user
the webserver runs on. Other dependencies are : squidguard, it looks
like some script use that. I don't use squidguard, so i can't test it.

> I removed those extra configure options cause it looks like they do
> nothing, if I'm wrong please correct it.
It looks OK without it.

Regards, Peter

Received on Mon Nov 07 2011 - 14:55:11 UTC