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[alpine-devel] advice for virtualization on desktop

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 07:55:22 +0100


I have been using qemu for some time for testing and network

I think raw qemu is a bit cumbersome since i need to keep track of the
mac address of all the guests. When I create a guest i create a script where i stuff in the mac address. (I sometimes need
multiple NICs in guests and will need multiple guest vlans etc.
vde, tap and bridges is what I use). This works ok, but I think it
could be done better. (I find it cumbersome to manage the guest mac
addr manually. assign a mac, and keep track of what guest has what mac)

So I am asking for advice.

I think I have the following alternatives:

Switch to Xen.

Use libvirtd.

Make virtualbox work.

In addition to N different alpine boxes I will install at least one
Windows 7 guest. I'd like to have an ubuntu guest and a fedora guest.
And fire up a random distro once in a while.

So far, Xen dom0 boots up, but xorg seems to fail (Sandy bridge
graphics) Interestingly enough it seemed to work with the ATI card
even if switching to console with ctrl-alt-1 didnt work.

I am having issues getting started with libvirtd. (how do i create a
new qemu guest? how do i start it, stop it?)

Virtual box needs some work to get compiled but might be nice to have
anyways. Virtualbox also has (had?) some closedsource code for some
features. Those will not be available on Alpine.

So, ideas? suggestions?


Received on Thu Dec 08 2011 - 07:55:22 UTC