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Re: [alpine-devel] [PATCH] testing/xen: add xen 4.1.2

From: Roger Pau Monné <>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 15:28:55 +0100

Maybe I've forgot to add what has been tested so far:

 * DomU networking works ok.
 * Install PV-DomU (Debian sid and CentOS 6.2 tested).
 * Boot PV-DomU using pygrub (again Debian sid and CentOS 6.2 tested).
 * Stress test PV-DomU systems with Bonie and Stress where successful
(only tested on Debian sid).

I've added the following guide to the wiki that describes how to set
up a Xen Dom0 on USB/SD:

I haven't tested HVM yet, because I don't have the needed hardware
extensions currently.

Also I'm working on creating an alpine-xen LiveCD, that could be used
to boot Xen from a regular CDROM (just like current alpine isos). So
far I've been quite successful at modifying alpine-iso Makefile, the
only step I'm missing is how to add udev and xen init scripts to the
boot sequence. If someone could give me a hand with this I would
appreciate it. I would probably send a RFC patch later today with the
modifications I've made to alpine-iso.

Regards, Roger.

Received on Wed Dec 28 2011 - 15:28:55 UTC