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[alpine-devel] [announce] Sonnet GNU/Linux (somewhat derivative of Alpine)

From: William Pitcock <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 11:16:21 +0000


As a side project, I have been building a GNU/Linux distribution based
ontop of some of the components of Alpine (alpine-conf, apk-tools).
It is based on glibc 2.15 and systemd, so administration is comparable
to a Debian wheezy system with systemd-sysv installed.

The code (including a fully cross-compatible systemd packaging for
both Alpine and Sonnet with full modloop compatibility) is available

A simple website containing information about the distribution can be
found here:

Right now I am targeting only the x86_64 architecture. x86 will come
next weekend once we get everything stabilized.

This is a very early stage distribution, many branding changes are
needed still. I intend to merge some work into aports/alpine-conf to
make rebranding of derivatives easier. I also have work in that
specific aports tree that enables one to build the distribution with
glibc or uclibc by using a single environment variable, which will
also be merged shortly.

If hacking on a GNU/Linux desktop-optimized distribution built ontop
of parts of Alpine interests you, then download an ISO and start
sending me pull requests.


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