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[alpine-devel] Blog post on about new Alpine release

From: Roger Pau Monne <>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 12:04:36 +0100


As Alpine Linux 2.4 approaches the final release, and since it's the
first release to include the Xen LiveCD, I would like to propose the
Alpine Linux developers to do a combined blog post (together with me or
other Xen developers) on to announce this new LiveCD and
promote Alpine Linux.

I was thinking that the blog post should cover all the features that
Alpine Linux offers to users (which is quite different from an average
Linux distro) together with some insight about what's in the Xen LiveCD,
why is Alpine a great Dom0 option and a little bit of information about
how to use it. still offers a LiveCD, that's based on Xen 3.2 and Debian 5.0
(released in 2009), which despite of being really old an outdated is
still one of the most visited items in the wiki

I'm Ccing Lars Kurth on this email, he is the community manager,
and will helpfully be able to provide some guidelines about how to
handle this, what would be good to write about on the blog post, and
this kinds of stuff that I'm not really good at :). Please keep him on
the replies to this email, as he is not subscribed to the list.

Thanks for the hard work on the 2.4 release, Roger.

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