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[alpine-devel] Questions about apk CMD -U

From: Dubiousjim <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:17:37 -0400

I'm doing some wiki cleanup, and have come across some issues I don't
know the answer to. Can someone please clarify what is the EXACT effect
of the -U/--update-cache flag for apk in each of the following

1. apk update -U (with an APK package cache enabled? without?)
2. apk add -U (with an APK package cache enabled? without?)
3. apk upgrade -U (with an APK package cache enabled? without?)

I assume that the -U flag in cases 2 and 3 makes it unnecessary to first
run an "apk update". Is that correct? Is the -U flag in case 1 a no-op?
Does the -U flag ever run an implicit "apk cache download", or anything
of that sort?

If anyone remembers at which earlier points in Alpine history the present behaviors became
available, and what the preceding behavior was, that may also help with
some wiki pages describing how to upgrade from older systems. For
example, at which point could one begin relying on apk to upgrade
apk-tools first, if necessary?

Received on Mon Oct 29 2012 - 14:17:37 UTC