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[alpine-devel] initrd and kernel-mode DHCP

From: Hugo Landau <>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 06:49:38 +0100


Is there any purpose to having CONFIG_IP_PNP=y in the Alpine kernel
configuration? It appears that this feature necessitates network drivers
to be built into the kernel, rather than as modules, but since Alpine
builds such drivers as modules, the feature is unusable. Correct me if
I'm wrong on this.

If this were disabled, we could instead handle "ip=dhcp" in the command
line via the initrd init script and udhcpc, after network drivers were
loaded. The inclusion of network drives in the initrd would be
configurable via mkinitfs to keep default initrd sizes down.

The ultimate goal here is to enable Alpine to usefully PXE boot. Once
Alpine is able to obtain an IP at the initrd phase, further
modifications to the initrd init script to permit NFS or HTTP servers to
be specified in the alpine_dev argument should be relatively

Hugo Landau

Received on Wed Apr 03 2013 - 06:49:38 UTC