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[alpine-devel] [2.5.4] apcupsd is missing at least one kernel module

From: Der Tiger <>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 18:20:05 +0200


I tried to connect my APC BackUp UPS to one of my Alpine Linux systems
with kernel 3.6.11 via USB. While the UPS device was recognized by the
kernel and shows up in /var/log/messages, the apcupsd cannot find the
device. According to the manual at
apcupsd requires the following kernel modules to be installed:


The first two are present and can be modprobed successfully, though
usbhiddev is missing

  alpine:~$ cat /boot/config-3.6.11-grsec | grep CONFIG_USB_HID*
  # CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV is not set

The CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS configuration key seems not to be available in
the current kernel built, so I don't know whether it has been renamed or
has been combined with another key, e.g. CONFIG_USB.

Anyway, in the upcoming built I'd like to ask for the configuration to
be changed to


Has anyone successfully connected an APC UPS through USB to his/her
Alpine Linux system, yet?

Kind Regards, Tiger

Received on Wed Apr 03 2013 - 18:20:05 UTC