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Re: [alpine-devel] Re: [acf] Windows 7 on Xen Using Alpine Linux

From: Roger Pau Monné <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 09:50:06 +0200

On 17/04/13 20:56, Ted Trask wrote:
> I think you wanted to send this to the alpine-devel mailing list. I have
> copied that list too so that they can respond.
> Ted
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> *From:* Richard Johnson <>
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> *Sent:* Wednesday, April 17, 2013 10:59 AM
> *Subject:* Re: [acf] Windows 7 on Xen Using Alpine Linux
> Does anyone have any clue on where I can the solution to this question?
> On 04/14/2013 03:38 PM, Richard Johnson wrote:
>> 1- Is it possible to configure Windows 7 as a Xen DomU Guest on Alpine Linux?


>> What are the steps to do this?

You have to create a Xen HVM (you will need to use hardware with
virtualization extensions). There's a tutorial here for example:

The config file shown on the tutorial is for xm (the old toolstack), you
should modify it a little bit to work with xl:

memory = 1024
name = "xenwin7"
vif = [ 'type=ioemu, bridge=xenbr0' ]
acpi = 1
apic = 1
disk = [ 'file:/home/xen/xenwin7.img,hda,w',
'file:/home/xen/windows7.iso,hdc:cdrom,r' ]
# boot on floppy (a), hard disk (c) or CD-ROM (d)
# default: hard disk, cd-rom, floppy
And I would recommend using a block device as a disk (LVM) instead of a
raw file. Also, to get better IO performance you should install the PV
drivers inside the Windows VM:
There are also some non-GPL windows drivers from Citrix, you might also
try those if the ones above don't work well.
>> 2- Is Alpine Linux appropriate for automated windows desktop virtualization, 
>> that is each desktop boots from network PXE and then starts up a virtualized 
>> windows environment using Xen.
I guess there's nothing like this on Alpine right now, but it shouldn't
be too hard to do.
What people usually do (IMHO) is setup a big server with all the VMs
running on it, and then use lightweight machines that only run VNC to
connect to the remote server that provides the VM.
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