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Re: [alpine-devel] alpine 2.6.0_rc1 is out - what do do with scst and vserver isos

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 16:56:08 +0200

On Wed, 1 May 2013 19:24:55 +0530
"V.Krishn" <> wrote:

> > Alternatives:
> > 1) we kill it and tell users to use LXC
> > 2) we ship it with an old kernel
> > 2.1) downgrade to LTS 3.4.y
> > 2.2) do nothing, keep the current, outdated 3.6.y
> > 2.3) we try port vserver to 3.9 or same as grsec.

> Can we have a little insight on VServer / LXC:
> 1. Which is stable and actively developed.

stable: vserver

(very) actively developed: LXC

> 2. Which relatively uses more of recent kernels new advancements.


> 3. Does adding LXC to alpine also require patches like VServer does.

No. LXC is in mainline kernel. Vserver requires patching. This is main reason why we want move to LXC in the long run.

> 4. For 2.3 above - efforts involved.

i think for now I would have to do the porting myself. I don't know how much work it is. It might be fairly straighfroward, it might be very messy (i expect the latter due to namespace improvements in recent kernels)

> 5. Migration issues.

Migration does not need to be very difficult. I think it it should be relatively easy to make a migration script that takes the vserver config and converts it to LXC.
> >
> > I also don't think there are many vserver users that wants the new
> > fancy stuff in newer kernels, so i think reverting to an older 3.4.y
> > kernel might work. Sticking to LTS kernels saves us for much work.
> Will this be same for coming Alpine releases ?

This would only be for vserver kernel for now. And if we go this route, it will be what we do with alpine-vserver as long as we maintain it. (1-1.5 years ahead)

Basically, I think nobody should set up any new vserver hosts. The alpine releases would only be for maintaining the existing servers.

Hm. Maybe we should just kill alpine-vserver isos now, and tell vserver users to stick to alpine-vserver-2.4.y, which we then maintain for as long as needed? (1 year more). It means we will spit out new v2.4 releases for another year.

The vserver hosts will not get any of the new features, but those are supposed to be as minimal as possible anyways...


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