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[alpine-devel] Bunch of questions about Alpine's gcc package

From: Dubiousjim <>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 13:07:20 -0400

These are questions in the first place for Natanael, but I'm sending to
list because others may also have insight, or wish to hear the answers.

I've been wrestling for a couple of weeks getting ghc (Glasgow Haskell
Compiler) to build on Alpine. I think I've succeeded, and I will write
up the directions and put them on the wiki. If we can put the binaries I
generated somewhere, then they can be used in an APKBUILD to bootstrap a
build of newer versions of ghc. (Ghc needs a relatively-recent binary of
ghc to build itself, else the compilation process is the more complex
and arduous process that I went through.)

Anyways, as part of this write-up, I'm writing up an explanation of how
I setup a cross-compiler inside an ArchLinux install (which, as it
happens, was in a chroot on my Alpine box) to build binaries targeting
Alpine. That's what the rest of this email is about; you can just ignore
the background about Haskell/ghc.

I set up my cross-compiler using recent versions of buildroot (both the
2013.02 and 2013.05-rc2 releases). There were a couple of frustrating
snags here, that I am trying to smooth out in my writeup.

One snag is that I had to do something like this on my Alpine box, to be
able to execute the binaries that the cross-compiler generated:

  $ sudo ln -s /lib/
  $ sudo ln -s /lib/
  $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/
  $ for f in ld-uClibc libcrypt libdl libm libpthread libresolv librt
  libubacktrace libutil; do sudo ln -s $ /lib/$; done

Anyone have ideas about how to eliminate the need to do this?

I examined the different configuration options that buildroot supplies
when making its cross-compiling gcc, and the options that Alpine's
APKBUILD uses. I thought it'd be a good idea to make buildroot
approximate our native setup as closely as possible. However, to keep
things from getting too complicated, I'm going to try to avoid applying
the patches at${_piepatchver}.tar.bz2.

With that in mind, here are my questions about our present APKBUILD (I'm
looking at the APKBUILD for gcc-4.7.3-r6).

prepare() has the following:
        sed -i 's/use_fixproto=yes/:/' gcc/config.gcc || return 1

This seems to be obsolete; see bottom of, also I've verified
that this is a noop on the gcc/config.gcc in the gcc-4.7.3 sources.

Our sources has:


The first block of patches all seem to come from,
however this doesn't include all of the patches available at that site.
Should I assume that the rest of the patches available there have been
reviewed and specifically rejected as not being relevant to Alpine, or
introducing undesired changes?

What about the patches available at
Buildroot includes all of those patches, but at a first glance, it seems
like we don't include them? Are first appearances misleading here?

What about the rest of the patches in our sources list: where do those
come from? Were they generated by Alpine devs, or do they come from
miscellaneous places? If anyone can venture a recommendation as to
whether I should apply those patches (and also the earlier block of
patches) to my cross-compiling gcc, I'd welcome the advice.

Finally, here are the configuration options we use (on x86 and x86_64):

        "$_gccdir"/configure --prefix=/usr \
                --mandir=/usr/share/man \
                --infodir=/usr/share/info \
                --build=${CBUILD} \
                --host=${CHOST} \
                --target=${CTARGET} \
                --with-pkgversion="Alpine ${pkgver}" \
                --disable-altivec \
                --disable-build-with-cxx \
                --disable-checking \
                --disable-fixed-point \
                --disable-libssp \
                --disable-libstdcxx-pch \
                --disable-multilib \
                --disable-nls \
                --disable-werror \
                --enable-__cxa_atexit \
                --enable-cld \
                --enable-esp \
                --enable-cloog-backend \
                --enable-languages=$_languages \
                --enable-shared \
                --enable-target-optspace \
                --enable-tls \
                --enable-threads \
                $(case "$CHOST" in
                  x86_64-*-uclibc) echo
                  *-uclibc) echo
                esac) \
                --with-dynamic-linker-prefix=/lib \
                --with-system-zlib \

Some of these configuration options are also used by buildroot, but a
few are different. I'm trying to understand the differences, and whether
I should leave them be, or try to get buildroot to more closely follow
Alpine's configuration choices.

One thing I notice is that Alpine configures uClibc without largefile

    $ fgrep LARGEFILE main/libc0.9.32/uclibcconfig.x86*
    main/libc0.9.32/uclibcconfig.x86:# UCLIBC_HAS_FOPEN_LARGEFILE_MODE
    is not set

Hence I did not select the BR2_TOOLCHAIN_BUILDROOT_LARGEFILE option in
buildroot's config, and so buildroot configures its gcc with
--disable-largefile. However, we don't specify that in Alpine's gcc
APKBUILD. Should we do so, given that we don't have largefile support
enabled in uClibc?

Another thing I notice is that buildroot doesn't set the
--with-dynamic-linker flags, and as a result the ldd output of binaries
it generates look a bit different from those generated by Alpine's
native gcc. This may be connected to the issue I mentioned at the
beginning, about needing to make symlinks for some library files on
Alpine, to be able to execute the binaries generated by the

These are options that Alpine uses when configuring gcc that I wasn't
able to find documentation on (for instance, at Might some of these options
now be obsolete? Or could anyone offer any explanation of these, and
suggestions about whether I should also apply them to the
cross-compiler. (I will continue to research these, as well.)

    --disable-altivec # from what I could see, gcc's -maltivec
    option is only relevant for RS/6000 and PowerPC

Alpine used the option --enable-__cxa_atexit but buildroot, at least
with the configuration options I selected, uses --disable-__cxa_atexit.
Any insight into this conflict?

Alpine uses all of these options (which I could find documentation
about) but buildroot currently does not:

Alpine uses --enable-cloog-backend. I couldn't find info specifically
about this option, but I did find info about the options
buildroot currently doesn't use any of these options.

buildroot currently uses these options (which I could find documentation
about) but Alpine's gcc does not:


Again, any insight into these conflicts? Should I make buildroot conform
to Alpine in these respects?

I know there's a lot of info/questions here. I'd be glad for any partial
answers, too.
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