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[alpine-devel] Java Runtime Environment on Alpine Linux

From: Richard Johnson <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 15:37:14 +0430
Just recently I installed the package "openjdk6-jre-base" on Alpine Linux, and I tried to run a precompiled class file, which resulted in the following error:
   Error occurred during initialization of VM
   Could not reserve enough space for object heap

More Details:
- I have installed this instance of alpine from alpine-xen-2.6.0_rc3-x86_64.iso, However I did "apk upgrade" just after installing the JRE.
- I am running Java in dom0
- I have allocated more than 800MB for dom0
- Even when running trivial commands such as "java -version" I get the same error message
- My goal is to run a Swing application in the X environment

Is there any solution/workaround?

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