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Re: [alpine-devel] [PATCH 1/2] main/cryptsetup: add rc script from Gentoo

From: Dubiousjim <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 04:52:41 -0400

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 08:42:14AM +0200, Natanael Copa wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Jun 2013 02:12:03 -0400
> Dubiousjim <> wrote:
> > One can already open a crypted / at startup using cryptroot= and cryptdm= options in the kernel
> > command line, thanks to mkinitfs's init script.
> >
> > This patch enables opening OTHER crypted volumes at startup, and also using a crypted swap.
> I agree that this is a feature we want. I am not convinced that we want
> do it gentoo style though. I wonder if we should go for
> a /etc/crypttab, debian/fedora style instead. What do you think?

I've got no attachment to the Gentoo implementation. One con is it's not
that lightweight. The pros were that it's flexible and already designed
for OpenRC. I wanted such a thing for a system I was setting up
remotely, and that's what I found, so I thought I'd pass it on.

I'll have a look at the Fedora implementation instead, when I get a
chance. I used to use Arch, and they had something like that.

Sorry about the cleanup needed for the other patches. I didn't bump the
pkgrels because it seemed too presumptive! :-)

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