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[alpine-devel] quagga shorewall + kernel problems

From: HL <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 09:25:36 +0300

Hello again,

On alpine 2.6.4 I've build shorewall 2.5.20 ( latest stable )
That would run along quagga zebra daemons

But I discovered a problem that I suspect originates in the kernel of 2.6.4

providers file is
ISP1 1 0x100 - vlan10 track,loose -
ISP2 2 0x200 - vlan11 track,loose -

in shorewall.conf


On the same host zebra is running and I've just inserted some default
static routes like

ip route

After shorewall is started *and* zebra is restarted
zebra cannot inject static routes into the kernel anymore ..
vtysh -c "show ip route" shows

S [1/0] via inactive

and linux ip route command does not show the route at all ..

To investigate further
I used alpine 2.5.4, shorewall 2.5.20 and compiled quagga on it from the
2.6.4 aports

The problem seems to be gone.

Any clues ??

Thanx Harry.

Received on Fri Sep 13 2013 - 09:25:36 UTC