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[alpine-devel] musl and ARM in 2.7 (and an introduction)

From: Leslie P. Polzer | PORT ZERO <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 10:52:25 +0200


I'm new to Alpine. I've been around GNU/Linux for about 15 years
now as user and developer. During this time I have been working
on various open source projects and have been a community contributor
to Linux From Scratch and ArchLinux.

First let me say that you've done an incredible job! I especially
like the package management system, but there's many more excellent
features that I wouldn't really know where to start. :)

I've come to understand that Alpine 2.7 will be the first version
to feature an ARM port, based on musl as libc. Timo Teräs' efforts
in the past weeks (as per Redmine) also show this. Is this official?

In that case I would like to ask why musl is being used. It certainly
is a great alternative to uclibc, but it appears that the ARM port
is linked to it. I'm seeking to understand the reasoning behind this.

Also, is there an established way already of building Alpine based
on musl and/or cross-compiling for ARM? It doesn't seem to be a big
deal, but I'd like to know the efforts that have already been put
into this so I'm not duplicating any work.



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