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Re: [alpine-devel] mlocate 0.26 / package group

From: Leslie P. Polzer | PORT ZERO <>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 19:20:00 +0200

Attached is the new testing/mlocate APKBUILD commit. I'd be grateful for
any feedback.

Thanks to both of you for the hint on pkggroups.

Some more comments:

> I suppose we could rename slocate to 'locate' in the base install which
> sounds like a more sensible group name.

The package uses 'locate' now, as it did before. I agree it would be
sensible to do the rename in the base install.

libc-dev is hardly ever mentioned in makedepends in the aports tree.
Is it always assumed to be available?

The Wiki doesn't seem to mention a preferred indent style for build
files. I've found a mail from Natanael saying he prefers tabs 8 spaces
wide, so that's what I did in the mlocate APKBUILD.

mlocate -- and probably a lot of other packages -- require sed for
adjusting the build process. It is part of busybox in the base install,
but I'm not sure how to handle this properly with the current dependency
system. One possible solution would be having a makedepends on 'sed'
and then have busybox provide this *if* it is compiled with the sed
binary. Difficulties might arise if some sed functionality is required
that doesn't work with busybox sed. Has this topic been discussed before?

I've also learned from the Wiki that "abuild -r" is a very convenient command,
but the built-in help is quite cryptic on this parameter:

> -r Install missing dependencies from system repository (using sudo)

Which is certainly part of what it does, but far from its full behavior.

Just from reading the documentation I still don't have a clear understanding
how the abuild switches relate to the execution of abuild commands.


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