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[alpine-devel] /testing - 4 Single Patches for PSAD / FWSNORT / inetutils-syslogd / perl-netaddr-ip

From: IT Offshore <>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 19:29:37 +0000

4 Single complete patches for PSAD / FWSNORT / inetutils-syslogd / perl-netaddr-ip

Build files based on Arch Linux PKGBUILDs: (except we build without perl-storable) (except we build without PAM)

(1) PSAD init script fixed to use OpenRC builtin functions & messaging. Dependency on perl-storable removed.
    Post-install script added to start & add psad at the default run level.

(2) FWSNORT - Post-install script updates snort rules / psad signatures & creates a daily cron job for same.
    Package includes /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/fwsnort to splice snort rules into iptables. No init script.

(3) perl-netaddr-ip (missing dependency for FWSNORT).

(4) inetutils-syslogd:

    Splits log files in the same manner as Debian default rsyslog. Optionally there is now the ability to have OpenVPN log
    inside a chroot. Default settings disable forwarding (we are not a remote syslog). Runs in OpenVZ containers with less
    problems than rsyslog.

    Post-install script disables & removes busybox/syslog service & installs / starts inetutils-syslogd _at_ boot run level.
    Also starts cron which get stopped by removing busybox/syslog. Post-deinstall script gives the option to reinstate
    busybox/syslog (& restart cron).

    inetutils-syslogd builds without PAM. Settings for logrotate now included (based on Debian settings for rsyslog).

Received on Sun Nov 03 2013 - 19:29:37 UTC