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[alpine-devel] cryptsetup / mkinitfs mismatch

From: Dubiousjim <>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 20:17:14 -0500

I just applied a backlog of upgrades to my laptop, which has an encrypted
root volume. I discovered that the initramfs that got created didn't
include all the libraries that cryptsetup needs, so I couldn't boot. I'm
not sure whether the correct fix is to:

1. Tell mkinitfs to install the additional libraries to the initramfs.
This can be done by adding the following line:


to the end of /etc/mkinitfs/files.d/cryptsetup.


2. Make cryptsetup build without depending on the threading library, as
I presume was the former behavior. I don't know whether this can be done
with current versions, or if it can, whether it's desirable.

Received on Sat Nov 30 2013 - 20:17:14 UTC