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Re: [alpine-devel] New logo and website design?

From: Der Tiger <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 18:03:08 +0200

Hi Natanael,

> But its mostly just a shape and Tobias said that a cricle is
> "boring".
> So basically, hexagon does not really need to mean anything. Its just a
> shape.
I see. I gave it some thought, but didn't come up with a better idea. A
cog wheel is too close to a "boring" circle.

I think, the hexagon goes quite well with the mountains inside.

> Right, so the slove should be 45 degree or less?
As a reference, I've uploaded some photos taken from Central European
Alps to the bug {1}.

> The idea was to have mountains/alps and an "A" as in Alpine at the same
> time.
The small dash in the left mountain of the logo is perfectly enough to
accomplish that.

So Long, Tiger


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